Sunday, October 14, 2007

Midterm hump

I'm doing midterms... papers and exams... grading them, that is.

I like midterm.
It is like Wednesdays...
Hump day.

From here on it is counting DOWN to Christmas...

As for my courses...

LCE is very impressive... what hard workers these students are!!!

CLPL has insightful students... they just did their church planting proposals... I wrote about it in my column this week

TEACHING THE BIBLE TO ADULTS is a first time new course... 90% eager beavers in there... man, in one week they did what I was hoping to get done in 3 (bot don't tell them that!)

PRACTICUMS are going good--except I have a ton of grading to do on them this coming week.

AS FOR FALL BREAK... Sharon and I are headed south in Indiana... reading and resting and snuggling in front of a fireplace.