Sunday, September 24, 2006

Entering week 4 (Campus pix)

Sharon left for a retreat a while ago and I haven’t any interesting personal news since the recent update so, inspired by Adam Thada'a blog on Marion I decided to ride my scooter over (in the rain) and take some pictures for past students of the new academic building looming out the windows of the CM building

So first, here is a picture of the new building from the Washington street entrance to CM--this is what we see now when we come to work, the CM parking lot being gobbled up for now with construction crews and equipment--we park on Washington street--both sides (for now):

And speaking of the CM parking lot, here's a pic of half the new building from what used to be the CM parrking lot which is now mostly the new building and construction staging area.

And I rode over north of the Body Shop and took this pic for you:

As you can see it was dark and rainy--but neither snow, nor sleet nor rain will keppyour former professors from taking pictures for you so you won't have to say when you return to campus, "Hey, what building is that?"

Maybe next week I'll take some pix of the new dorm, or the new field house, or even the new College church?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Week 3 of the semester...

I'm half way through week three of school...
1. I graded the first unit in church leadership’s “Problem Based Learning” and am higher than a kite—these students learned more about church finances in 2 weeks than any pat students EVER… amazing! I am humbled to have such brilliance before me every Tuesday-Thursdays. (You can see both the PBL activities and a smple of one group's two weeks work with PBL by going here:
2. I helped Dave Ward move his furniture around (again) today—he’s putting in new carpet. (He lives right down the street from me)
3. He helped me pick apples and I’m drying them now in my dehydrator—they smell great!
4. I am dog-sitting this weekend for Judy Huffman’s Carley—I’m the dog’s godfather.
5. Amanda is now ordained—I drove up with Sharon and the Lennox’s
6. It is going down to 39 degrees tonight her in Marion. I like cold.
7. I'm finished with all my September writing assignments but two--- tick, tick, tick...
8. All the Asburyheads are absorbed with the conflict at ATS...they take the rest of us with them in their passion. (See Schenck's blog).
9. I'm riding my moped to work daily...which is good since there is no parking basically in what USED to be the CM parking lot where the great hulk of a new academic building is going up.
10. That's about it for news from the third week here at IWU

Sunday, September 10, 2006

First week of school (update Sept 10)

1. The first week of school is past--I have awesome classes!

2. My daughter-in-law Amanda Hontz Drury is getting ordained this coming weekend in Michigan—I’m running up to that. (John was ordained last month, David a long time ago.)

3. The new academic building is going up and towers three stories right beside the CM building.

4. The new “addition” to the student center isn’t ready—we’re eating on paper plates for a month or so.

5. I’m in a Karl Barth reading group with Bounds and Schenck every Monday so my head hurts.

6. I just finished a chapter for a new book on worship which examines the most popular 77 songs churches use. My chapter is called “I’m Desperate For You: Male Perception of Romantic Lyrics in Contemporary Worship Music”

7. Lots of other writing too..I have five more writing assignments thismonth..I’m trying to decide when tow rite since I teach all five days now and don’t have Tu-Th “off”any more. The book "there is no "I" in church is selling briskly too.

8. The CM building gutting-renovation has been delayed another year.

9. Nebraska Street is closed off now.

10. Summit week starts Monday featuring (fairly) recent graduates—Daron Earlywine (one of the few senior pastors I know who is his own church’s drummer) and his “Berry good” church team is doing the music