Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm under the porch

My grandfather Anderson described his way of recovering from sickness this way, "You don't see a dog going to the doctor when he's sick--he just crawls under the porch and waits..and sure enough time almost always heals him."

I go under the porch every winter--usually from Christmas until Spring break. I generally get the flu or cold or whatever other bug is passing by in January which "settles" (my mother's word) in my chest and I hack all night requiring my emigration to our guest bedroom for the rest of the night so Sharon can sleep. I wake up exhausted, drag myself to classes, and barely keep up with my email--basically I just crawl under the porch and wait for time to heal.

So if you've written to me recently and have not heard back... I'm under the porch waiting for time to do its work.
--Keith Drury

I see improvement and am grateful to the Lord for it...all healing comes from God--fast or slow.... still no voice--it has been 7 days without a voice, which makes "lecturing" difficult ;-) the other day in LCE I typed my lecture into a PowerPoint while they took notes... funny, they still asked me to slow down..I could type faster then many could take notes ;-) I probably waste many words anyway--that made me be more economical ... one student said it was "the best class this year": hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Like a miracle I Slowly have recovered. lost my hacking couch over break... but like a curse I got it back again within 24 hours of returning to work. Turns out the leaks in our offices in Old College church had gotten my officemate's books all soaked in January... and they were sitting unpacked all this time growing mold... when Chris unpacked them over break they were covered with black mold. A HA! They moved me to a temporary office in the World Impact section of OCC and within a week I was fine...