Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I like Google Chrome

I already use several browsers from Firefox to Mac... but I've kept IE on one old PC... I even downloaded IE8 Beta to give Bill Gates' a fair try... YUCK!  It crashes contnually and worse, once I downloaded it Microsoft boxed me in and I can;t revert to the old browser.  

Today I downloaded Google Chrome and boy it is crisp and clean,  fast as pretty stable even... 

Bye Bye Bill Gates..I'm outa Microsoft!

Windows is next to go.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cutting myself

I've been rewriting Holiness for Ordinary people for the 25th anniversary edition (third edition ) coming out this summer. The book has four new chapters and the style and tone of the rest is being changed significantly. I've been working on it all semester and have dedicated my Christmas break to finishing the work to send it in by the January 9 due date.

So the last three days I've been doing the painful work of cutting --getting a 60,000 word manuscript down to 55,000 words. that means cutting 5000 precious words out of what I've written... OUCH! I just finished the third trip through the mss. "cutting myself" and have got it trimmed below 55,000... so I'm taking the rest of the day off...I think I'll go do something sweaty.

Here is my latest word count after self-cutting. (red chapters are new)

1003 Preface ..... to 1st, 2nd and 3rds editions
4361 Chapter 1 Sanctification Overview
3587 Chapter 2 It’s Everywhere
2679 Chapter 3 Seven Approaches to Holiness
1783 Chapter 4 Sanctification and Sex

1758 Chapter 5 Sanctification and healing
3577 Chapter 6 Images of Sanctification
4443 Chapter 7 Growing toward Entire Sanctification
3551 Chapter 8 God’s Part in Sanctification
3373 Chapter 9 Our Part In Sanctification
3106 Chapter 10 How to Know You Are Sanctified
2372 Chapter 11 Continual Cleansing
3349 Chapter 12 Understanding the Sanctified Life
2945 Chapter 13 Sidetracks from Holiness
3632 Chapter 14 A sanctified Church
5206 Chapter 15 Personal Testimonies
1040 Afterword
1427 Glossary of Terms
53,192 TOTAL WORDS (target word budget = 55,000)

OK I knmow this is irrelevant to whomever stumbled across it... but I needed to tell someone ..so I told my personal blog ;-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Graduation Dec '08

I just finished up the semester at Graduation... In December we have a few graduates from our division. This year from our division we had 17 graduates from what I could count in the march. That included these:

CM: Johnnie Blair, Greg Boland, Alan Downing, Jess (Manglos) Hamlet, Jonathan Hicks, Brian Morton,
YOUTH: Brandon Faust, Chris Tabone
SPORTS MIN: Rachel Horner, Josh Miller, Paul Knight,
CHILDREN'S MIN: Megan Kiami, Katie Martin, Aubrie Rovenstein, Heather Tharp

I'm about to leave my office for Christmas break. All my grades are in and syllabi are done so I'm not omcing back until next year.
BIL: Tom Davis, Sarah Smith,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Grading LCE books

I've been grading all weekend... mostly the Local Church Ed. "papers" (which turn out to be somewhere around a hundred pages each--single spaced.) Grading is hard work but so gratifying. Man these students can work hard!