Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Final Approach

We’re on the final approach now toward the end of the semester.

1. Had a neat Thanksgiving with both sons & Families home. We had a real turkey one day and a giant ham the other. We exchanged gifts and I got a bonus gift of a whopping head cold from my granddaughter Karina.

2. I finished grading all the “Drury books” for Church Leadership today—tried a new thing (having them due before Thanksgiving). Really makes for a softer landing.

3. The head honcho of the theological Accrediting association is here today to chat about a potential seminary – still at the “unofficial chatting” point.

4. That’s about it around here… I’ll be buried in papers the next two weeks….


Brooke Smith said...

hi coach,
just thinking about you. paul and i refer to you a lot. it usually sounds like this: remember when coach shared....or oh yeah, coach told us it would be like that, etc, etc. LOL! we miss you!!

Amanda said...

What? No mention of Settlers of Cataan?

Keith.Drury said...

Oh yeah--I WATCHED a game of Settlers of Cataan which Kathy bought for Amanda and I mistakenly bought for her too so I now OWN the game too, though I have never PLAYED it. Howvere I did READ the instructions and WATCHED others play it and there is little doubt that this is the best board game in existence in the whole wide world --thanks to the Germans.