Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow day #2

OK, now we have about 14" of snow, which essentially shuts Marion Indiana down... though it is a normal day in Minneapolis or the UP of Michigan. School is called off again today. I kinda feel bad for Steve Moore, speaker at the "Missions week" all week--he came and did his get-ready-get-set talk Monday and now we all just stay in the starting block for two days. Sorta like getting dressed up for a date then staying home and watching the news.

We do have snow drifting though. The picture is of my street this morning... the footprints are Dave Ward's (who came down to help me shovel out my driveway).
I'll be headed over to the prisoners-in-Baldwin at noon to eat lunch with Steve Moore, then I'm coming home to start entering my taxes into the computer--these two days are like a free gift of grace--now I don't have to use Saturdays to do taxes... I can spend them on finishing up my "Walking the Trail of Death" book--which is 95% done now (the final 5% is half the work though).
Tomorrow we return to school (unless the Indiana snowwimps prevail again).

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Jess said...

Ooooo...snow! We've gotten some, but not 14". I've loved all the snow we've had here too...although it just makes me long for the mountains...