Friday, April 13, 2007

I like Rick Warren but this bugs me

I like Rick Warren a lot--he is one of my favorites. But one thing bugs me about Rick. He keeps sending me emails as if he is writing just to me when I know he has sent the email to the whole list.

Here is what I got this morning:
Just wanted you to know that the Holy Spirit led me to pray for you and your Easter services several times this past weekend. I also gathered a group of local pastors on Good Friday morning to pray for all the pastors we know and their services. I’d love you hear how your Easter went if you have time to write.
We’re in this together friend.
Rick Warren

This sort of mailing is too fake-ish for me. I'd rather Rick send something to his entire list saying something like "I have been thinking of the 10,000 pastors on my mailing list this morning and I picked several to pray for by name." Or some other way of admitting he was not writing a personal letter to me but this was a mass mailing to his whole list masking as a burden for me.

Oh well, I still like Rick Warren. I just wish he'd be more authentic in his mailings. Maybe I've hung around with young people too much.


::athada:: said...

You've got Richard Foster on your side ("The Freedom of Simplicity") and all the Quakers. Big-time leaders cannot afford "plain honest speech", now can they?

Reminds me of those "four-page quasi-personal letters with the “important” parts highlighted in bold and italics" (

Keith Drury said...

Yeah Adam..after reading Rick's email this morning I saw a printoout of that in a classroom this afternoon and started a list of fund-raising ethics principles for CLPL course next fall... to be a Tuesday Column maybe...

Left Coast Drury said...

Ditto. I stopped by Rick's church once on a Sunday (on the way to Legoland) and unwittingly gave out my e-mail address--I think it was part of all the data they collected so I could scan my children in their class.

Now I get Saddleback spam like crazy. Rick is always telling me that he is thinking of me or praying for me or thanking God for me. Although I kind of feel like I know him, in a goofy sort of way, after watching him during our obligatory 40 days small group, I feel relatively confident that he does not know me or anything about me.

The weird thing is that I can't seem to bring myself to e-mail him and ask to be removed (there's no easy link to unsubscribe). It's like getting a Valentine note from the prettiest girl in the class--how can you say no even if you know she is giving everyone else one too.

Keith Drury said...

HA! Scott--you have described my mail exactly--I have never thought of getting off the list-- I always liked valentines from pretty girls in school--even if their mother addressed them to me from the list sent home by the teacher! Classic!

David Drury said...

I don't think that e-mail is actually from Rick Warren. I think it's a hoax.

Just a thought. I got it too. It was to an e-mail address I had online that was gleaned by spammers--not to my registered e-mail address with Rick Warren's site.


fetzer said...

It could be worse. You could be getting email from politicians.