Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming in for a landing!

The semester is almost over..or at least it feels like it. Today we began out last chapter in LCE (Spiritual formation of Adults)... their "book" will be done by Thanksgiving.

As you former students know--my courses are front-loaded. We're in the soft landing stage soon...

Just in time... I've found students aren;t in the mood for "taking in" much after Thanksgiving. They will, however, "give back" (papers, presentations) and they'll reflect (reflection on what they've learned, integration of the course material with the meta-learning of other courses etc.).

As for me soon I begin my own "cramming" --that is cramming my days and nights with grading "papers"

as to early reflection on my courses this semester:

LCE--It is like Sharon... I Love it better as the years go by.

CLPL--I likes this course best of all..I "lectured" a lot (which means I told lots of stories too) and I think students liked it better actually... we'll see, they evaluated me this last week.

TEACHING ADULTS IN THE CHURCH. This is the old adult ed renewed into a cross-listed course (Bible or CE)... Superb evening course... they have their exam this Thursday night.. then a soft landing for them too.

PRACTICUMS. I have 5 hours... I THINK they are ok, but I often kick myself that they are not better.. mostly out of my hands though in in the hands of the local church.

WRITING. I'm working on a manuscript due Jan 10... after 25 years of writing I'm finally writing on writing--"A brief guide for writers." Did the outline today...

Miss you all... know what I ought to do some summer? Get in the car and go visit you all. can I sleep on your couch?


Josh said...

My couch is free, but it's in the same room as my bed. I hope that's okay.

Amber Janelle said...

I'm glad you did more "Uncle Keith" stories in CLPL :). That was always my favorite part of that class. I'm all for you road-tripping to see the few of us IWUers down in Jackson, Mississippi. It's quite the trip! lol.

pk said...

Our couch is your couch. We might even take the couch so that you can have the bed. Whatever it takes ;-)

Eric and Brandi Ebbinghaus said...

Road trip visits are awesome! I'd be happy to share deer meat with you if you can bring your own cooler! I'll even throw in some jerky.