Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just finished our Wind River Hile

July 21.

Sharon and I just came out of the Wind River Mountain Range… a wonderful foursome hike with Paul & Brooke Kind the last seven days. We had such a great time talking and walking and slapping mosquitoes.

The Winds had a big snowfall year so we still had LOTS of walking on snow and a few tricky places since we didn’t bring our ice axes. Starting at big Sandy Trailhead in the south we went all the way to the Northern end to Green River lakes. We are all 100% advocates of 100% DEET which was the only way to keep the swarms of mosquitoes at bay.

Today (July 21) we got to Paul & Brooke’s “drop car” and they returned us to our car at the starting point. We’re now headed to the biggest town in the region, Pinedale WY (pop 1400), for a night in a motel. Paul & Brooke are headed now to Rapid City where they will pack their moving van tonight and head out tomorrow for Princeton, New Jersey.

I will post this as soon as we get in range of WiFi.

As for us, we have several more weeks here in Wyoming… wandering the Wind River mountains by car, then the Tetons, then Yellowstone and who knows what else will strike our fancy.


pk said...

It was fantastic...would do it again in a second.
Have an awesome time cruisin' WY!

Burton Webb said...

Good to hear from you! I wish there had been more snow when we were there a year ago - I do not miss the mosquitoes!!!

Burton Webb said...

OK - test my memory:

Picture 1 is very near the place we took our wrong turn.

Picture 2 is at the lake where we met the couple from California.

Picture 3 is near the top of a pass (Hat pass, I think)

Keith Drury said...

2 for 3...not bad! (we're now in Montana..headed to who knows where...mostly north since that is... well, that is the "right" way to head when you are outdoors... ;-)