Saturday, December 13, 2008

Graduation Dec '08

I just finished up the semester at Graduation... In December we have a few graduates from our division. This year from our division we had 17 graduates from what I could count in the march. That included these:

CM: Johnnie Blair, Greg Boland, Alan Downing, Jess (Manglos) Hamlet, Jonathan Hicks, Brian Morton,
YOUTH: Brandon Faust, Chris Tabone
SPORTS MIN: Rachel Horner, Josh Miller, Paul Knight,
CHILDREN'S MIN: Megan Kiami, Katie Martin, Aubrie Rovenstein, Heather Tharp

I'm about to leave my office for Christmas break. All my grades are in and syllabi are done so I'm not omcing back until next year.
BIL: Tom Davis, Sarah Smith,

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