Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jarod Osborne--soon to be pastor in Vancouver Washington

Jarod was one of those strong-silent-type students. He always seemed so strong to me—even before I knew him well. I later discovered why he came across this way—it was a mind set of a man with a black belt in martial arts and he was restrained in letting that power out. That’s how Jarod was intellectually too in my classes—he often knew the answers to questions and had deep thoughts yet he often kept them to himself while others filled up class discussion with shallower thoughts.

I got to know Jarod best after he spent his junior year overseas. Facing radical culture shock, other flourishing religions and personal grief he experienced a major crisis of faith. When he returned to IWU he was trying to find his way again and we met often. I admired Jarod deeply as I saw him work through recovering his faith again. He is one of my models for how to face and recover from such a faith crisis. His strength and perseverance makes him the go-to guy in my opinion for young men and woman facing such a collapse of faith.

Jarod worked as a youth outreach coordinator for the Salvation Army in Mansfield, Ohio, and has served in youth work for a United Methodist church in New Jersey and even served as a missionary to Uganda where he found his wife Esther. The last time I ran into Jarod was after hiking the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming with the Kinds. Sharon and I stopped by Yellowstone for chuch Sunday morning and Jarod was the summer park chaplain there—he preached a great sermon. (His pictiure that morning is above).

Jarod is about to graduate from seminary. In a month or so he’ll graduate from Princeton Theological seminary, my own alma mater. I found out this week that he has just accepted a call to be the solo-senior pastor of the Vancouver Wesleyan church, in Washington. District Superintendent Karl Westfall is building up quite a cadre of pastors in that district and Jarod will be a great addition. Jarod, I’m proud of you—you’ll make a great pastor!

For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? 1 Thessalonians 2:19 (NIV)


Roger Metcalf said...

We got to meet Jarod and Esther when they came to candidate at our church. They are a great couple and we are excited that they are coming to our Church! Thanks be to God for answering our prayers for our new pastor!

Jess said...

We are excited that Jarod and Esther will only be an hour away! Who else can we recruit to the pacific northwest? :)

Keith Drury said...

Roger--I think you'reblessed--he's a great guy and Esther is super too.

And, Jess... I'll be out ASAP-- ;-)