Sunday, September 10, 2006

First week of school (update Sept 10)

1. The first week of school is past--I have awesome classes!

2. My daughter-in-law Amanda Hontz Drury is getting ordained this coming weekend in Michigan—I’m running up to that. (John was ordained last month, David a long time ago.)

3. The new academic building is going up and towers three stories right beside the CM building.

4. The new “addition” to the student center isn’t ready—we’re eating on paper plates for a month or so.

5. I’m in a Karl Barth reading group with Bounds and Schenck every Monday so my head hurts.

6. I just finished a chapter for a new book on worship which examines the most popular 77 songs churches use. My chapter is called “I’m Desperate For You: Male Perception of Romantic Lyrics in Contemporary Worship Music”

7. Lots of other writing too..I have five more writing assignments thismonth..I’m trying to decide when tow rite since I teach all five days now and don’t have Tu-Th “off”any more. The book "there is no "I" in church is selling briskly too.

8. The CM building gutting-renovation has been delayed another year.

9. Nebraska Street is closed off now.

10. Summit week starts Monday featuring (fairly) recent graduates—Daron Earlywine (one of the few senior pastors I know who is his own church’s drummer) and his “Berry good” church team is doing the music


Josh said...

You give the best updates!! Thanks! Sounds like a lot of writing!

coach d said...

Thanks Josh... It is my shortcut way of responding to a dozen emails from past students each week asking, "So what's been happening there at IWU recently."


Josh said...

I think all of us "formers" should pay a dollar for each post. :) Or you could prorate it...the longer you've been away, the more it costs to be able to read. Something like that.

Jodi said...

Hey Coach! Glad to find you in this forum! What I want to know is, will you be doing a book about 77 classic Hymns next...? :)

coach d said...

Hi Jodi!
The study was of the most popular 77 songs used today... both hymns and choruses... no distinction was made... it is a snapshot of "what the church is singing" so the number of hymns or choruses is dependant on how popular they now are... there is a plan to do an annual update-- but it is onluy a plan because onnly a few songs get into the top usage each year (I believe in 2005 only 3-4 songs made their way into the top list if I remember right).

The book is not on "contempoary choruses" so much as contemporary (meaning now in use) songs... it was interesting.

Jodi said...

I can't wait to get a copy! I've been reading "Then Sings My Soul (150 of the World's greatest hymn stories)" and I love it! I'm a sucker for the good old stuff that has some soul behind it. :) I could stand to learn a little more about the contemporary songs, though, so as not to become closed minded... ;)