Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bourne made me sick

The Bourne Ultimatum made me sick—literally. It was a great movie I think--but the hand-held herky-jerky camera style and the constant out-of-focus panning of the camera r(especially during the action shots--which are 95% of the movie) was actually nauseating to me—I almost used the popcorn bag as an air sickness bag. I sat too far up front for this movie. I finally had to start closing my eyes periodically to get reoriented (which made me realize there was virtually no dialogue to listen to).

If you go to Bourne show up early and get seats in the back row if you have any tendencies at all to get carsick. Or maybe take a Dramamine before you show up.

If they do a Bourne IV I hope they drop the Buffy-style camera work… I want to watch Bourne be disoriented, not get disoriented myself!

After the movie I started the book which I got for my birthday from my son, John... and the book is superb. Indeed, the plot of the whole series is great--I discover "who I am'" from looking to the past... "identity is found in memory." What a great truth for the "holiness movement" who has apparently gone through a similar experience as Bourne. Great book. I bet I would have loved the movie more if I had sat in the back seat.


Jess said...

Me too! It didn't make me sick, persay, but it did give me an awful headache. Normally that type of camera work doesn't bother me, but right from the beginning it hurt my eyes. Mark didn't even notice it.

Keith Drury said...

Jess, HA!!!!! Some people seem more suseptable to it.. maybe... like car sickness...

Since the movie I've plunged into reading the book... and I'm having great fun reading that (though I don't read it in the back seat of a car!)!

See you this weekend...
Coach d