Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family update

A bit of family news from my family this summer:

Dave is now executive pastor at College Wesleyan in Marion. They are living in a rental while they build a new house. We'll get to see Dave and Kathy (and their kids--Max, Karina and Lauren) more now.

John and Mandy are pregnant with a little boy, due just before Christmas. Both of them are now in the PhD program at Princeton--he is in theology she is in youth ministry.

Sharon loves he new "dream job" teaching in the doctoral program in leadership at IWU...and to boot she has most of July and August off... which is why we're heading our next week for a hundred miles of hiking on the Colorado Trail before school starts again.

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Kathy said...

Pretty cool and quite amazing we live 1 block apart isn't it! Thanks for making us feel welcome in Marion! ;)

And I am really excited about the nephew on the way in a few months too!