Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Reunion @ General Conference

Perhaps the best highlight of the Wesleyan General Conference for me personally was the reunion of all my family.
Left to right are
-David, Kathy, (College church ex pastor)
-Sharon and me, (IWU)
-Amanda and John, (Princeton)
-my late brother Elmer's son Scott & Elizabeth (World Hope) whom I consider like a son
All are members of my own denomination (Wesleyan), Dave, John and Amanda are ordained, and Scott is pursuing it now.
We all sat together on the front seat of the observers section and whispered, chuckled, sighed, cheered and grunted through every minute of every session. We do not claim to have a perfect denomination but we are all in this one and it is ours and we love it.
In 1988 at the General Conference I made a big bet on a family/career decision.
At this General Conference, twenty years later it reminded me that it paid off in spades.
--Keith Drury June 17, 2008

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Eric and Brandi Ebbinghaus said...

Proud of you, Coach. Don't know if I can be proud of a prof who had such a great impact on me, but I am. I'm glad that I can say a person I look up to greatly is proud of the choices he's made. "Ya dun Good!"