Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sharon's new pack

Sharon got a new pack--Golite's LiteSpeed

It weighs a bit over 2 pounds which is too much so we are adapting it now (removing the alum stays etc) to get it under 2# but it is a sweet pack.

She is "moving beyond" her trusty Golite "Breeze" 15 oz pack because she wanted 1) waist straps, and 2) a cooler looking pack ;-)

Sharon has endlessly long legs but is short-waisted so she actually fits a woman's small pack--her pack holds about 2000 cubit (cubic). inches which will be enough for about any long distance hike as a lite-packer.

I think this may be a revision of the old "speed" pack that Paul Kind (and maybe Mark Schmerse) used once... she liked that one so I think she'll like this one too

Ok gotta go register freshman... just wanted to report a new pack in the family ;-)


::athada:: said...

2000 cubit inches... have you been reading the OT?

lori lls said...

This is most certainly a blog-worthy entry. Very good! We applaud your choice, and your freedom to amend the pack as needed! Ray Jardine would be proud.

-- LL and Cool J, or The Alaskans, from PCT 2002