Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where's Bobby Schuller?

I usually listen to Bobby Schuller every Sunday morning to "prime" myself for Sunday worship (which is reliably better preaching than Bobby's, but reliably worse music) I have my differences with Bobby, but he was at least more biblical and orthodox that daddy Schuller.

This morning I discovered from Wes McCallum what's up. Son Bobby had a new vision from Dad Schuller. So Dad swooped back in after Bobbys two year rein and fired Bobby.

The whole famly fuss is interesting and representative of some of the emergent-Boomer church-for-the-curch vs. church-for-the-world debates. Bu it has changes my Sunday morning habit. Now my TV offers a few Televanglists I can;t stomach... so this morning I'm listening to the radio. Radio? I will have to explain this to my students--they don't know what a "radio" is.

Keith Drury


Wupate said...

hey coach nice blog...I got new one up...still plugging away...I hope all is well.

Wes Pate

Ryan Schmitz said...

Sarah and I listen to Mark Driscoll's podcasts on the way to church to for similar reasons. I know he's gotten a bad rap (which drew me to him), but he is a great preacher.