Friday, November 14, 2008

Headed for Christmas

I thought I'd update my classes this semester...

CURRICULUM: I'm really feeling like Christmas is just around the corner. Last night in my Curriculum class we all realized there are only two classes left... next Thursday (when their projects are due) then the Thursday after Thanksgiving when they take their exam..whew... two more classes 'til Christmas! Next week I get their curriculum projects--each has done something different... and they look good so far.

LOCAL CHURCH EDUCATION: This course is awesome... it is the best course I have...and every semester that is true. They are writing their final chapter for their book next week--Adult CE. Most of the students have written about 80 single spaced pages so far and they are incredible. Every semester I show the best work from last semester and the students seem to climb right up on the shoulders of last semester's students and make something even better. When can this stop? I am so impressed at the hard work of these students... senior pastors who complain that new graduates are lazy just don't know the key to motivation. I have never seen such hard workers!

CE CAPSTONE: A new course for me called "leading Christian Education." First time through for me as these CE seniors work through managing a CE program in the local church. It is pretty good for the first time through--sorta' a Church leadership for CE people."

CHURCH LEADERSHIP. We are in the "personal life of a minister" section now--their books are almost done. Yesterday they brought in the email responses from past graduates on what to expect in transitioning from college life to adult life/church life. They merged the feedback from last year's graduates like this:

I. Advice about preparing for adult life
Make a budget
Pay your bills
Value free time
Get support from others
Expect feeling lonely< find a "drinking buddy"
Find a friend
You have to be disciplined and responsible
Expect to not get poured into spiritually

II. Preparing church ministry
You will be trusted and expected to know what to do
The prof’s grade on knowledge…the congregation grades on everything else
You always have to be ready to be relational, to smile, to make conversations, and portray Christ in a positive light
Learn to work as a team
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable
Need for balance. Flexible yet leave time for sermon prep
You will always be a pastor, its not a hat you can take off
Other people are depending on you to get the job done

III Things I can look forward to after graduation
These aren’t practicums, they are yourflock and your youth group
Freedom…the sky is the limit
You get to impact other peoples lives
Putting passion into action
Ministry is hard but also very rewarding and amazing
Constantly growing, learning, and being ready
Freedom-you can create, come into your own, choose your time (within reason)
You get to do what you are passionate about-ministry
Separating people from the problems they cause and enjoying the people
Prioritizing relationships w/family, students, their parents, and staff
Peace about being where you are called


JohnLDrury said...

Thanks for the update and summary. Question: what is "the key to motivation"? Was that a reference to setting the bar by showing the books? Or to something(s) else?

Keith Drury said...

JOHN, I am trying to reverse engineer this myself. There is something about the course design that works... this is not a standout semester, every semester in this (sophomore) course it happens... It isn't the course content or the instructor--it is the course design... and I'm trying to discover what it is...

Maybe I simply need to ask the students?

Scott Hendricks said...

This comment is for your "Writing vs. Speaking" post, which 'was not found.'

I've maybe heard you preach once, if never. But, I used to think to myself, 'gee, I oughta write a book about this or that.' Then I realized, why should I, when Keith Drury already has? Your books may be future curriculum in my life of church teaching.

Keith Drury said...

Thanks Scott... may it be so... and I'll buy your first book I promise!

Brooke Jones said...

Thanks Coach for that im doing what i spent 4 years studying is refreshing but very challenging...your words are encouraging and i thank you for it.

Brooke Jones