Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Little add-on I've seen... (Morning Coffee-for Firefox)

I don't swoon over computers or programs--I treat them like automobiles: they just need to get me there. I have four different computers with three different operating systems and I have not fallen for any of them (including my MacBook Paul H Hontz!).

BUT I'VE TOTALLY GONE BONKERS OVER A TINY ADD-ON program that cost me nothing Morning coffee for Firefox. (I don't particularly like Firefox but I use Firefox simply so I can have my Morning Coffee)

Each morning (say Tuesdays, for instance) I can click my little cup of coffee in the bar and the program loads in tabs every single web page I've picked ahead of time for Tuesaday (and any other day, or just weekends, or weekdays etc).

BAM I have before me the blogs and web pages I've decided to read that day and I can then work my way through them one at a time.

I have fallen head over heels in love with Morning Coffee... {swoon!}


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::athada:: said...

sounds nice. i use bloglines.com for blogs and just check that one site to tell me which (if any) of the blogs have been updated. much better than my previous method of manually checking 20-some blogs every few days.