Saturday, February 27, 2010

Craig Coe & Pricilla in Colorado

Craig Coe is the Executive Pastor at Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church in Colorado.

He graduated from IWU in 2002 and his first job was in Flatland Indiana with IWU Admissions. As a student he did all of his practicum courses at Lakeview Church in Marion —one each with the senior pastor, assistant pastor, college pastor and music pastor so he could see all aspects of the work—a great idea.

A year before Craig graduated he joined a church planting team planning to launch a church two years later, in 2004—also a great idea. Craig and his wife

He and his wife (Priscilla Ruder Coe) moved to Colorado in starting out as Pastor of Discipleship at the new “Summit Church.” He led the small groups, special classes and seminars, along with leading the marketing and technology aspects in the new church plant.

When the lead pastor of Summit church left in 2006 Craig took on the role of lead pastor. He’s a good example of someone who was happy to be a staff pastor and wasn’t that interested in taking on the mental and emotional challenges of being a lead pastor—but when God and the church called him to it, he stepped up for the next three years.

Later two Wesleyan churches merged (Summit Church and Cherry Creek) and Craig became the executive pastor of the merged church. As exec pastor he oversees the financial and organizational structures of the church and also leads the preschool-daycare. He coordinates the weekend service and is leads the church’s marketing too. Of course he does other things all pastors do, like leading a small group for young families.

I’m jealous of Craig because he lives in my favorite state. I’ve been trying to get IWU to move to Colorado but so far I’ve been unsuccessful—we’ve built too many new buildings in Indiana I guess. But I do visit Colorado! A few years ago Jeanie Argot, Burt & Mason Webb, and I hiked a section of the Continental Divide and Colorado Trail and Craig picked us up at the Denver airport and dropped us off up in the mountains for our three week trek. We almost persuaded Craig to just leave the car at the road and join us!

One of Craig’s good friends is Nathan Lamb—who now works at Wesley Seminary here in Marion. So every time I see Nathan I remember Craig and Priscilla. Craig and Priscilla have some kids but I forgot how many—they are great parents (I hear from Melissa “Rudy” who is always talking about her sister). I still remember Craig form classes—but more so, I picture him in Colorado where I always dreamed of planting a church myself! Thanks for living my dream for me! Craig, you bring great meaning to my life and I’m proud of you!

For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? 1 Thessalonians 2:19 (NIV)

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Ryan & Sarah said...

Thanks for the update on Craig & Priscilla, Colorado is lucky to have them.