Sunday, March 07, 2010

Kelsi Adkins, Pastor of Families with Children

Kelsi Adkins had a double major at IWU (Christians Education & Worship) and was always alert and full of energy in her classes. We all missed her when she graduated in 2008. When she was in college she did her practicum work at Hanfield UM church and also worked in her home church over a couple summer in Chillicothe, Ohio. When she graduated she moved to Indianapolis where she got an apartment with Kelly Reynen. With her CE degree she passed the tests and becmae a teacher in Indianapolis Schools and also did some preaching on the side as she worked on her Master’s degree at Marian College in Indy and she juggled several options for her life’s calling.

When Kelsi moved to Indy she started attending Grace Pointe Church of the Nazarene on the west side. She had been attending there for a little over a year when the pastor preached a sermon where he mentioned about the need for our church to hire a children’s pastor. This church had never had one before, even though the church is a fairly good size. In that service Kelsi heard the Lord spoke to her about this opportunity. So she approached the pastor immediately after that service. So this CE-Worship graduate who was now a public school teacher interviewed with the board and got a unanimous vote.

That was last fall. She started in her full time church ministry job in December, 2009. Her title: “Pastor of Families with Children.” As soon as she finishes her Master’s degree this May she will begin the credentials process for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene

Kelsi is one of those students who finally settled her call to the ministry after graduation, though she sensed it before. As a single woman in ministry she has faced some challenges. Just six weeks after she took over as a pastor a family of seven left the church because the husband refused to be under her leadership in the children’s department since she was a woman. But she has an incredibly supportive and mentoring senior pastor who takes such things in stride. Here’s the way she puts it: “I won’t sugarcoat things, but I can say that denying the call would be much worse than braving the opposition.” Kelsi I’m proud of you!

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