Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Break on the Knobber

Just returned from Fall "break" on the Knobstone Trail. Sharon and I hiked with Ross & Karen Hoffman. This is Sharon's first hike since her knee operation and she did fine. We got on the trail in mile 11 at route 160 (where the other three had hiked to several years ago) and walked to mile 21--then headed cross-country bushwhacking through the woods "to a road we think is over there somewhere." We came out of the woods right at the end of the road, walked out and hitched back to our car. We plan to do a leg each fall break from now on, knees willing.

It was a brisk day (frost in the morning, warming all day to 70 degrees for a moment) and we had a great time. (We knocked down several dead trees for you Mark & Jess)
I'll post a few pix.

Sharon's Damascus Road experience?


Jess said...

Haha! Mark and I knock down dead trees in honor of Ross and Karen all the time. What a funny memory!

Gotta love the Knobber!

Mark said...

Okay you called me out.

Glad you still found a few trees to push over. Jess and set a couple smashing over this summer on the Knob in honor of Ross and Karen.

What a great trip. Wish we could have been with. I was in Indi for the FUEL conference learning how to be a youth pastor. Had I bumped into you at the restarant on the way down, I just might have had to attend the hiking version.

Just turned on my out-of-office reply as jess and I are heading to see Paul in Rapid City. We hope to get some hiking/climbing time in.

We'll keep you updated.