Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mid term is here!

Half way. 13.1 miles of the marathon is done!

I just left campus for “fall Break”

1. It really isn’t much of a “break” for me..I have a boxful of midterms to grade—with midterm grades due Monday at noon. Rats!

2. I’m headed off with Sharon along with Ross and Karen Hoffman tomorrow to hike on the Knobstone Trail.

3. On Monday we begin our second half—which is always shorter then the first half.

4. Students are getting better sleep then they used to—at least those I teach. Are they smarter?

5. I let the seven groups in Church Leadership create their own group-mid-term questions from which I made a tailored midterm. Interesting but too many hours work for me. Never again. ;-)

6. There are no more “Health center excuses” at IWU (unless you have some serious communicable disease) so that hits some students hard now. Had a senior student who is my advisee today withdraw form a course in another division where he missed three classes already… and lost 7% of his grade for each class—a whopping 21% price tag for his flu. Now he will stay another semester and finish in December. Boy that’s rough. (But it was in the syllabus so he has no recourse). Rats!

7. Marion is on Daylight savings time now—which means we go to 7:50s in the dark.

8. I think I might be getting a section of Intro to Pastoral Ministry back next semester. This is way cool—I loved that course. Not a final decision yet.. Boss man (Dave) Smith is deciding.

9. Today was bosses day and I ate two doughnuts and enjoyed them.

10. Sharon and I went “out” to Baldwin for dinner tonight. Seems foolish to current students, but past ones will understand. ;-)

11. I’m missing people this week… people like Paul Kind, Mark Schmerse and Jess, CeCe, Brooke, Kevin Julie, Josh… so many others. But this is the life of a professor… love ‘em & they leave ya. It is supposed to be that way.


Brooke Smith said...

we miss you just as much coach!! no one will ever replace you!

coach d said...

You're nice!

Jess said...

I ditto brooke's words :).

pk said...

What are the odds. The one day I was able to blitz onto campus (Saturday), you were no where near campus. We'll have to catch up sometime soon though. Miss you.