Saturday, October 07, 2006

Homecomeing & New Field House & Dorm

OK as part of the continuing "So you missed Homecoming" series here are a few other buildings... I'll perhaps post more later--but I'm headed off to the soccer game soon where IWU plans to let SWU win to encourge their hearts (this new sports strategy is based on Steve DeNeff's sermon in yesterday's "Homecoming chapel") As for the homecoming chapel we had a gigantic gathering in the gym which was funny in a way--the change of locations is always hard for the "worship part" of the service. (DeNeff was great-as-always though, though he sweat several quarts of water trying to overcome the Gym atmosphere.) At 1PM yesterday we crowned the new king of IWU--Henry Smith with much fanfare and pomp. OK for this week's campus shots:

Here is the latest dorm-of-the-year
Located right on top of the old tennis courts next to Luckey Gym these residence halls will offer yet another style of living. They "face" PPAC parking area and form part of the North "City wall" of the campus as we already have on the Southside with the Townhouses. They'll be finished in time for next year's crop.

And the new Field House
Remember how the sports teams had to "compete" for inside training space in the Wellness & Rec center? That should pass as soon as the new field house is done. It appears to be about a football field long and is located back at the very end of the sports complex--right off the turnaround there. Beside it are the new tennis courts--though thay were not finished in time for today's game.


::athada:: said...

Fieldhouse includes a 200-meter mondo surface track. Now you can actually run inside without ripping off your ankles on the inclines... provided you can make it all the way to the fieldhouse without freezing first.

coach d said...

a. Student on Sports scholarship leaves residence hall.
b. Gets into car and starts.
c. Drives to new field house.
d. Trains.
e. Starts car again.
f. Drives back to dorm?

Josh said...

Ha!!! Driving around IWU - now that is something I never thought possible. I guess it's good prep for all the Graduates moving to the suburbs. :)

AT - Yea, my ankles are still paying for running all those miles on that track. Where were your warnings 5 years ago??