Sunday, October 01, 2006

Homecoming week (New Student Center PART 2

Off the mall is "Marios" --a kind of pizza & junk food place you can swipe at instead of "Baldwin." It has a sort of "Piazza" atmosphere including a working fountain which makes you think you need to go to the bathroom while you are eating.

Blogspot is loading too slow to stick all my pix here, but trust me--there are other venues for eating. For instance the old Wildcat is now a fancy-snooty dining hall where they will have four forks and three spoons at each plate setting and teach us hillbillies which one to use when. The "Wildcat Express" is now off the mall and is a really cool store where swipes and points can be used.

McConn has been expanded too and now includes (to the right below) a wood-floored news-room where students can see if anything of interest is happening outside the IWU bubble on a large flatscreen TV... (this is still being finished and won't be done by homecoming). (There is disagreement on if they will tune the news to Fox, CNN, or CNBC..which would you pick?)

Oh yeah, We now have a gift shop named in hebrew [though not exactly accurately says Elaine B.] It is designed especially for guys to buy gifts for their girlfriends.

The notion of selling gifts for the girls to give to the guys has not yet struck the campus, which is odd since almost 75% of the market on campus are women (as you know ;-). (The proportion of males may [still] be going down at IWU--maybe we need an engineering program or football! Gee, how bad would it be if we had no religion division!

Just before you exit to PAC you can get your hair cut on the way to chapel at the cleverly named "WildcutZ."

At the other end of the student center near the library our new campus store opened this week (where the old "day student lounge" used to be) . Having used up all the naming creativity on WildcutZ we named the new campus story, Campus Store. One gal this week treated the breaking news of its opening with, "Gee, now we don't even have to go across Washington Street to Circle K any more--we can get everything we'll ever need in life right here in the bubble." (Don't be too hard on her--she's a senior--remember?)

I'll see many of you at homecoming... if not at least you can see these pictures ;-)
So what do you want to see next week?


::athada:: said...

The College Store - Two Views:

Traditional Student Purchase:
*ice cream bar
*organic microwave popcorn
*20 oz. soda

Off-Campus Married Man Purchase(based on actual happenings today):
*40-pack Band-Aid Bandages
*1 loaf whole wheat bread

The "points" actually mean something ($) when you start payin' the bills... haha...

nate richardson said...

wow, i only graduated 3 years ago. i wont be there for homecoming but mid october i am there trying to make sense of all this stuff.

Jess said...

Yikes...sounds crazy...we're hoping to make it there sometime soon...wish we could be there for homecoming!