Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Semester 1/3 over (personal update)

We’re at the third point of the semester here. Remember—this is when the clamps start turning down. Next week we have mid terms. A week from Friday we head off on Fall “break” (actually only a single day). I’m preparing for mid terms now.

1. September was a bear for me. I have all but one of the seven(?) writing assignments done now—doing that one this week (I hope).

2. On October 31 I have a sample chapter of a new book I’ve proposed due—on the Apostle’s Creed. If it flies with the publisher then I’ll plunge into actually writing what I have been researching the last 18 months.

3. David, Kathy and the grandkids were here for homecoming—which was great!
Recently spoke to northern Indiana gathering of Salvation Army—sorta like another homecoming since I worked for them 4 years in the 1970’s

4. I’m on day 12 of a lousy cold and hacking cough [I’m giving it 21 days to go away then I’m getting discouraged]

5. Saw lots of precious alums at homecoming—now that they are gone I’m sad.
It is 70 degrees here in Marion—like summer. Blankets on the lawn even.

6. Having gotten cable TV on a special $2.95 per month deal I am making a commitment to waste one hour every day watching TV to see what I’ve been missing these last few years.

7. All other news is not ready for release yet.


Josh said...

I suggest wasting time watching "The Office" on Thursday nights. 8:30pm on NBC.

Jess said...

My vote: Waste time watching "House" on FOX, Tuesdays @ 9/8c. :)

How do you get a cable deal for $2.95/mo?