Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Afternoon with Yoder

Monday is my “reading afternoon” and has been ever since, well, ever since last week. ;-)

Today I read John Howard Yoder’s “Body Politics” which my son John assigned to me. Great read!

In this book Yoder covers five practices of the church which are “sacraments yet not sacramentalism” with a mind-bending Anabaptist approach to each that if the church took seriously would be a “witness to a watching world.” They are:
1. Binding and loosing
2. Baptism
3. Eucharist
4. Multiplicity of gifts.
5. Open meeting

But don’t get the idea that these titles cover the content of the book—the way he bends these five practices to describe what the body of Christ should look like is wonderful. What a wonderful afternoon. The book is a little book and fairly inexpensive… I hope you read it (if you are reading this and a recent graduate and want to see the church be something more than it is, or you are disillusioned’ll want it).

It is less than ten bucks newfrom Amazon—less used.
Neat read!


Josh said...

Sweet!!! I highly recommend "FOOLS RUSH IN" when you need a break from all the thinking. :)

Kevin K. Wright said...

Wesleyans reading Yoder la la la la la. I'm so happy.

coach d said...

JOSH, You mean the movie with Matthew Perry?

KEVIN; It was assigned reading from John ;-)

Josh said...



Fools Rush In is a nf travel book about a guy who travels into the heart of Sarajevo during the crisis in Bosnia. It's a beautiful read. Think Love, War and Redemption. I think you would really like it.